Monday, October 27, 2008

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Our purpose is to help you learn about the options available to help you to with hair loss. Hair loss is a fact of life for most men and for many women. Some people accept their hair loss and don't give it much thought. Some folks look great without hair. But most people feel they would look better with a full head of hair.
There are many reasons for hair loss which you can read about in this website. But for most folks with a hair loss problem, it is a simple case of genetics that causes "male pattern baldness" in men and "pattern baldness" in women.(disclaimer: only a doctor can determine the cause of your hair loss, so get a medical examination to determine why you are losing your hair).
So the question is, what can be done, if anything, to re-grow hair. Can our lost hair be re-grown? What hair growth products are worth trying? Is hair loss preventable? Is there a magic pill or ancient herb available to re-grow our hair quickly?
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